Why Most Auto Accident Lawsuits Don’t Go to Trial

Why Most Auto Accident Lawsuits Don’t Go to Trial

auto accident lawsuitsThe U.S. has over five million car accidents each year. Of all car collisions, 43% result in an injury. This equals four car collisions with injuries every minute. Auto accidents are scary when they occur and continue to make you feel worse afterward when the bills pile up. To make you whole again, people consider filing auto accident lawsuits.

Yet, they are often hesitant because they fear the case will go to trial, stretching out to get to a resolution. However, rarely does an auto accident lawsuit go to court. Why? Keep reading to learn more.


Insurance Companies Want a Quick Resolution

In car accident cases, it is the insurance company that is representing the at-fault party. Therefore, if there is an auto accident lawsuit filed and liability falls on the at-fault party, it's their insurance that will have to pay out the damages.

In short, insurance companies have a strong, vested interest in your case. So, they want it over with quickly. That’s because long, drawn-out trials are costly for them, as well.

The best car accident lawyer will want a quick resolution, too, only if the car accident settlement is fair. This means that the amount the insurance company wishes to settle for must include current expenses, like medical bills, and future expenses, like loss of future earnings due to a disability caused by the accident. If the plaintiff's attorney believes the proposed settlement will not cover all anticipated costs, the offer will be rejected.


Trials Are Difficult to Predict Outcomes

Sometimes it is best to avoid going to court for a car accident and other times, the car accident going to court is the best thing to do. Unforeseen witnesses can take the stand, the selected jury may not be ideal, or the judge may be difficult to read. Ultimately, trials are too unpredictable for insurance companies to take a chance on.

Your attorney wants you to get the compensation you deserve and not have to endure delays that come with the trial. Depending on the evidence, an experienced car accident lawyer may highly recommend going to court. If that's the case, there is a possibility the at-fault driver's insurance will oppose doing so and settle at your requested amount.


Going to Court for a Car Accident Is Expensive

Preparing for trial is more than time-consuming, it costs a lot of money too. Not only that, but before auto accident lawsuits actually go to trial, it can take years. Additional expenses include depositions, paying for expert witnesses, and filing fees to begin a court case.

The cost of deposition depends on a few factors, like how long the case takes to reach a verdict, how many attorneys are involved, if you need to pay to rent the room to take the deposition, and the rate that the court reporter charges.

Expert witnesses, like medical experts, can charge expensive hourly rates in the hundreds. Therefore, the costs of preparing for court will add up. The same goes for insurers. They want them to get a quick resolution without having to pay for preparing for court.


Auto Accident Attorneys Often Work on a Contingency Fee

This means that your attorney will receive payment when you are compensated. In other words, you do not need to pay your auto accident attorney to begin working on your case. Also, there is no need to pay hourly fees for your attorney to help you.

Your auto accident attorney will collect their fees from you if they are successful. Payment is contingent upon success. Success is receiving a car accident settlement from the at-fault party or being awarded compensation from a court judgment.

Because an attorney's compensation is based on whether or not they win your case, they will tirelessly work to reach an ideal outcome. This can be bothersome to insurance companies. Therefore, instead of continuing the legal battle, an insurance company may find it more beneficial to settle.


Quick and Fair Compensation Without Trial

When you are a victim of an auto accident, it is up to you to continue paying bills until the case is closed. This means making payments on a car loan, hefty medical bills, and many other costs, all while you are waiting for a conclusion to an auto accident lawsuit.

The best car accident lawyer wants a quick settlement just as much as you do. They know how to conclude it quickly while also getting the amount you deserve because of the damages and injuries you have.


Trials Are Usually Not Necessary

The best car accident lawyer is a skilled negotiator. They can anticipate an insurance company’s agenda, which is to avoid paying what is a fair car accident settlement.

To avoid going to court for a car accident, a good car accident lawyer will stay a step ahead of the insurance company. It takes the right attorney with the right skill set to settle a case fairly without trial.

There is only one justification for going to trial, and that is if the insurance company will not offer a fair car accident settlement, or they refuse to settle the case altogether.

This could occur if there is a dispute over who is truly at fault for the car accident. If you possess powerful evidence to prove the other party is at fault, you want the best care accident lawyer in your corner to settle your case. Do not let yourself stay a victim, go get the settlement you deserve.


Experts in Auto Accident Lawsuits

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